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and furious, i was told by whistle blowers that there were gaps in federal laws concerning straw purchasers which should be addressed, and this is our opportunity to do it. mr. chairman, you have worked with me on your bill making many changes at my request. they have made the bill better and reduced the negative side effects of previous versions. i trust you think so as well because you have included the changes in the new bill. the new bill in your substitute amendment also included a revised bill by senators gillibrand and kirk on the subject of gun trafficking. those revisions also reflect changes that i asked senator gillibrand to make, and i think it would be worthwhile to outline all the changes that have been made to the bill since they were first introduced. i think they demonstrate good faith of the chairman and senator gillibrand. for instance, senator gillibrand's bill originally would have made it a federal crime to transfer two or more guns if that person knew that the result would be a violation of state or local law. that would have given states and localities a one-way ince
americans. >> and why is obama administration trying usama bin laden's son-in-law? a high threat terrorist suspect in a u.s. court? we'll debate it. >> laura: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. and the factor begins right now. >> laura: hi, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. filibuster envy. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. it's been fascinating to see the reaction to senator rand paul's filibuster of the john brennan nomination. with the principled persuasive argument with the use of drones on american soil, he drew support from people across the political spectrum from jon stewart to mitch mcconnell, from the aclu, to ted cruise, his filibuster made for some strange bed follows. but, of course, not everybody was happy. is that snarkers calling paul's stance weird and crazy. but what's surprising is that two g.o.p. senators lindsey graham and john mccain launched their own drone strike against paul. >> we have done, i think, a disservice to a lot of americans by making them believe that somehow they a
of the law. the question of pulling the bank's license is a question for the regulators. >> so you have no opinion on that. you sit in treasury and you try to enforce these laws and i've read all of your testimony. you tell me how vigorously you want to enforce these laws, but you have no opinion on when it is that a bank should be shut down for money laundering? not even an opinion? >> of course we have views on -- >> that's what i asked you for. your views? >> then she pressed another government witness for an answer. >> so what you're saying to me is you're responsible for these bank. and, again, i heard your testimony. you talked about the importance of vigorous investmented here. but you're telling me you have no view when it's appropriate to consider to raise the question whether or not these banks should have to close? >> i'll tell you exactly when it's appropriate. it's appropriate when there's a criminal conviction. >> so you have no view on it until after the justice department has done it? >> again, the justice makes that decision. we play our role in that. we have a constant
will only function efficiently if participants believe all laws will be enforced consistently and v violators will be punished to the full extent of the law. there should not be one set of rules that applies to wall street and another set for the rest of us. the department of justice wrote to the senators and said no corporate entity, no matter how large, is immune from prosecutions. prosecutors must determine whether there would be disproportionate harm to investors, pension holders, customers and employees and others not personally culpable. i can tell you the two senators called the response from the department of justice aggressively invasive was the term. they don't like that the department of justice didn't reply to a number of their specific questions about how often this has happened. they say they are going to ask eric holder when he comes to capitol hill this week. >> according to news reports, senator jeff merkley of oregon is annoyed at the bank hsbc and says not only will they not bust the institution they won't bust the senior bank executives. is that true? >> there is
in the buildup to try to avoid these, you know, spending changes that he signed into law and there's a real question, given those numbers, chris, about whether people are starting to doubt him. they're starting to doubt whether they're getting the straight scoop. >> you got it. and the real fight is just beginning now, which is over the continuing resolution to fund the government. the current one expires on the 27th of march and that's the real bite that's coming. will the president have more or less credibility in that fight after his sequester scare stuff? i would say less. >> megyn: we'll watch it and see how the polling goes. chris, thank you. >> you bet. >> megyn: in addition to the new numberses fox news poll find that americans had it with high gas prices and with the washington spending. the prices at the pump topping the list of voter gripes, 84% say that they are fed up with high gas prices. 81%, that's actually number two, say the growing deficit is frustrating. while nearly as many are fed up with too much government spending and for that matter with gridlock in washington. the
as cia director. federal law-enforcement officials revealed yesterday they took into custody al qaeda operatives and osama bin laden's son-in-law suleyman obligates. and the white house has undertaken a new charm offensive aimed at winning over rank-and- file congressional republicans for a potential grand economic bargain. that's where we begin with you this morning. your thoughts on the new effort of engagement by president obama and hear how optimistic you are that a deficit deal can be reached. give us a call -- 202-585-3883, if you are outside the united states. you can catch up with us on twitter, facebook, or e-mail us. a very good friday morning to you. i want to take you to some of the headlines about what is being called a charm offensive by president obama. this from the wall street journal this morning -- and from the washington post -- and from the new york times -- there you have a picture from wednesday night at the jefferson hotel in washington, d.c., where senators including tom coburn and saxby chambliss and joined the president for dinner that the president paid for
fell by two ticks: funeral service for hugo chavez. former al qaeda spokesman usama bin laden's son-in-law pleaded not guilty today to terrorist charges in a courthouse just blocks from the old world trade center. and that's the "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1971, the boxing legend mohammed ali took on heavyweight champ joe frazier for the first time in what became known as the fight of the century. both men stepped into the ring undefeated. for ali's first bought in three and a half years. it came with enormous hype for the day. but by the 8th round frazier held a huge lead and handed a last round blow knocking the people's champ to the canvas. smoking joe won by unanimous decision and kept his title. he and ali would fight ups twice more in their careers. ali won both of those. the heavyweight rivals first duped it out 42 years ago today. and now you know the news for this friday, march the 8th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. i will see you monday from rome. as they begin to pick a pope, the team and i have heading out tomorrow hope you have a great weekend. the factor coming
and then the potential for law enforcement, as well as commercial enterprises to use this technology, as well, so there is a multi-facetted problem that i think citizens ought to be concerned about. in fact, you may ever seen today where the attorney general sent a memo to rand paul who had asked the question about whether the president could authorize a drone strike in the u.s. michael: let's take a leukoowe colonel davis, i want to interrupt you so we can take a look at that letter and the viewers can see it. this is an answer to that letter which you provided us: michael: that does actually at least create a third conversation about drones, a third way of discussing them, doesn't it? >> right. it should be concerning, i would hope, to the american public that this possibility that the president could decide to launch a drone strike here in the u.s. on u.s. citizens. if you read the letter, it starts out saying we've never done this before, we've got no intention of doing this, we've got great law enforcement and great federal coats but hey you know, it's possible there could be some extraordin
them under the law of war, we're going to exploit intelligence but we're going to do it within the laws that we've signed up to like the geneva convention, the convention against torture. so to my friends on this side of the aisle -- mr. durbin: would the senator yield for a question? mr. graham: absolutely. mr. durbin: to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle it was 12 hours ago i was standing here, a lonely voice among others who were discussing this issue bringing up the points that you raise. the first is the drone is a weapon. there are many weapons that can deliver lethal force. we should view this as an issue of lethal force, not an issue of drones per se, although it may raise some particular questions and application. it is largely a question of lethal force. the second question has been raised by the senator from -- both senators. what if the fourth airplane had not been brought down by the passengers? what if that plane were headed for this capitol building and all other planes had been landed across america under orders of our government and we knew this plane was the
years off from writing a budget which of course is their lawful duty. i think there is not enough print sometimes dedicated to imnovemberable democrats when they're, when they happen to be doing nothing. maybe this will help that. bill: let me put a fine point what he said. jerry, you need to understand, referring to senator moran, we're not going to do anything until after the election. bob, why would that be? >> for a couple reasons. first of all, this was during the time of the budget control act where they set up the super-committee from which all things were going to spring. you couldn't move anything having to do with finances until that committee made a decision or didn't make a decision as it turns out. that's one. and two, in when you move up to election year, presidential election year particularly, nobody does anything that will upset the applecart. bill: but mary katherine's point is you have your priorities. if you want to pursue something like confirmation of jack lew you can get that done in one afternoon. >> that's right. bill: the other big stuff when you have to show y
, the position the states are in as a result of the law being passed eric -- past. having said that, i think there is a lot that people miss with respect to the drivers of healthcare cost. i think part of this reflects the fact that our body politic is reluctant to accept certain realities of the academic literature. finkelstein's research demonstrated that one of the big drivers of healthcare cost inflation was the rapid expansion of federally subsidized insurance in the 1960's to medicare and medicaid. the provision of federally subsidized insurance is a big driver of health service consumption and puts a lot of upward pressure on costs. there of another academic studies. one basically look at the factors throughout countries that drive health inflation. one of the big factors is the rate of growth of government provided health care services. if we are with ourselves, we have to recognize that one of the big drivers of healthcare cost inflation is the extent to which the federal government is subsidizing healthcare through various means. it will be difficult for us to get that under contro
to residency. for him, jeb bush argues this isn't about the particular but to get it signed into law. >> so do you think there's a significant difference between marco rubio who clearly is on board for a path way to citizenship? >> there is a difference in terms of the proposal that jeb bush makes but i think ultimately if jeb bush were in the senate or were the president, i don't think it would matter. i think he's showing that he's flexible. some might call it a flip-flop and as far as jeb bush is concerned, we need to do something, something needs to be accomplished. he doesn't seem to be bothered by the criticism. his position is, look, the system we have right now does not work. whatever we come forward and propose as a solution is better than the unworkable reality of today. >> we'll have more during the 6:00 p.m. hour including the possibility, he's leaving it open, that he may run for presidency in 2016. is there a third bush potentially in the run for president? we'll talk about that. thank you, jake. >> thank you, wolf. >>> two states have legalized drug use. washington needs to crac
. i know what we do know. i bet you that this facility laid down the law to all its employees, don't do this. don't do that. because you could be sued. and we don't want -- we want to go outside this narrow area -- we don't want to go outside this narrow area at all because we worry about a lawsuit. you know that's the case. >> if that is the case, it's reprehensible. particularly in california one would think that a patient in a healthcare facility would have their life saved and the healthcare facility would not be concerned about a lawsuit -- charles: the woman who made the 911 call at this point she's got to feel like, you know, totally distraught. does she have a lawsuit against her employer? stuart: good one. >> i don't know who made the 911 call. she doesn't have a lawsuit against her -- charles: she could say my employer stopped me from helping this woman, i thought i would be under some legal jeopardy, and it turns out i wouldn't have been and now i have to live this for the rest of my life. >> the only conceivable lawsuit is the estate of the woman who died. the woman is
fund financial security after divorces, knowing the issues are related to her ex-husband's law practice. first, how many people will vote? could be a low turnout. just 34% in '05. care to 44% in philly, 41% in san francisco. the second question, will we have to do it all over again? if no one gets more than 50% today, they advance to the one-on-one run-off on may 21st. polls open today and close at 11 pm eastern time. and by the way, the hispanic vote, there's no natural constituency. eric garcetti can claim some hispanic heritage. it's going to be fascinating to watch. this one's not over after tonight. by the end of former florida governor jeb bush's tour, there isn't going to be anybody who has a doubt that he is serious about running for president in 2016. he's reducing this book tour to raise his hand to wanting to become a major player in the republican party's attempts to rebuild. he's not shying away from raw politics. when i sat down with him, he pulled no punches about the mistakes he believes mitt romney made in 2012, specifically on the issue of immigration. >> for a guy who
commissioner was severely injured and now he is in a stable condition. sectionementation of 144 of the law had been implemented. that means more than four people are now banned and the military in that one district alone are trying to classify the situation in there. but the situation there is very typical to cross the country. 10 kilometers outside of the capital, four dead here, one dead here. it we're slowly getting in more reports of individuals, women or children, coming through u.s. year. thisthere has been an over ove and turning it over on friday. the strike has been well observed. we have been driving around to see what is different with the schools mostly closed. >> that was our correspondent on the line there from dakkar on the situation in bangladesh, still very hostile. the military mobilized in malaysia after they found and killed five policemen. two gunmen also killed on sunday night and they're suspected of being linked to a group of armed intruders and that group has been holed up in the state for more 3 weeks now. they refused to surrender. 14 people were killed in a shootout
california's law, i didn't feel like that was something that this administration could avoid. i felt it was important for us to articulate what i believe and what this administration stands for. >> sreenivasan: 200 congressional democrats also filed a brief today urging the court to overturn the california ban. they join more than 100 prominent republicans who voiced their support earlier in the week. the justices will hear oral arguments in late march. a federal judge in california has cut a $1 billion damage award in the apple-samsung fight by nearly half. samsung will now have to pay apple just under $600 million for infringing on smart phone and tablet computer patents. the judge also ordered a new trial on some of apple's allegations in the case. wall street ended the week with small gains. the dow jones industrial average added 35 points to close at 14,089. the nasdaq rose nine points to close at 3,169. for the week, both the dow and the nasdaq gained a fraction of a percent. february was a good month for most major auto makers in the u.s. ford reported today its sales rose 9%
the court's decision on marriage? a constitutional law expert at nyu. he's here with me this afternoon. good to see you, professor. >> good to see you, craig. >> proposition 8 has been battered around in california courts. what's behind the timing of the supreme court being asked to hear this case now? >> well, it's just gone up the system in the regular stately way that these cases go so that the trial in this case is actual held in early 2010. there was a 9th circuit opinion and now there's an appeal to the supreme court and so we'll hear the the ultimate decision and oral arguments will be heard in the 26th and we'll hear the ultimate decision in the court in june. how unusual is it for an administration to be involved in a supreme court case like this? >> not that unusual. the brief itself talks about prior cases in which it's gotten involved in precisely this way. >> when that happens, does it lend any more credence to the argument? >> i think it definitely does. i think the government will now be allowed oral argument time in the court so we'll be able to address the justices about whe
: well, jan brewer did was take the language from the federal law and apply it to her state. that's really all she did. >> i don't know if she is who you're talking about, but last word. >> let's just say we have a positive agenda rather than constantly appearing to be reactionary when we're not. >> sean: guys, good to see you. governor, a rare appearance, get you up here. good to see you, clint. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: that's all the time we have this evening. and thank you for being with us, let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the record. see you here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> greta: tonight, president obama says he's not a dictator. but rush limbaugh says the commander-in-chief left something out. what is it? >> barack obama is not interested in compromise, bipartisanship, getting along. >> i am not a dictator, i'm the president. >> the only thing obama cares about and the only thing he's ever cared about is no opposition. >> i am not a dictator, i'm the president. >> every time i hear him say he's not a dictator, he doesn't complete the state
proposals to jump crow laws. according to the president star parker, the video is intend tay remind people that a time once existed when african-americans were unable to defend themselves because of certain anti-gun measures. this ad is called "never again" and is already sparking a great deal of controversy. take a look. >> ♪ ♪ >> that's a very powerful statement, we will no doubt continue to cover this important debate in the days and weeks ahead right here on this program. that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. greta is standing by to go on the record. greta take it away. thanks for being with us. >> tonight, politics and pain. who will the sequester hurt most? >> in order for obama to win this sequester argument, there has to be pain. >> eventually, a lot of people are going to feel some pain. >> the american people have to experience pain in their daily lives. >> because the pain will be real. >> they want to inflict the most pain possible on the most people possible rather than going after the waste
talking the law. >> excellent. >> board. bored. >> awesome, man. i thought i would play seth rogin. >> seth rogain? >> are you gone? did he go away? >> like our set. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> my message to the women of egypt is is take to the streets and don't be afraid. >> bill: this woman was supposed to be honored tomorrow by secretary of state kerry and first lady michelle obama. but she could be one of the biggest anti-semites around. >> have you been made aware of this woman's opinion that she has publicly expressed and what are you doing about it? >> bill: a factor investigation with a conclusion tonight. >> bill: mr. obama not put forth any specific federal spending cuts. >> bill: is it possible the president heard my talking points this week and is now changing his posture on the fiscal mess? he did meet with republicans last night and today. we'll tell you what happened in those meetings. >> [inaudible] doing this of my own free will and i'm of mind and body. >> who is to blame for miss teen delaware u.s.a. for doing a porn movie. some say our society. man
's son-in-law appears in a manhattan courtroom as republicans argue he should be in gitmo instead. >> we're putting the administration on notice. we think that sneaking this guy into the country clearly going around the intent of congress when it comes to enemy combatants will be challenged. >> in venezuela, a state funeral today for hugo chavez as thousands pay tribute. >>> ditching doma. the president who signed the gay marriage ban into law now says it should be overturned. why the change of heart? >>> and awkward, party of two. a now "new york times" photographer steven crowley captures john mccain and rand paul only moments after mccain slammed paul's made for television filibuster. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live from washington. the stock market soaring to a new record high. the jobless numbers are at a four-ee low, and the washington post chris joins us now along with greg with the economist and cnbc wr this is your specialty, so let's start with you today. let's get behind the numbers, the good, the bad, and any ugly? >> most of bad. excuse me. mostly good. >> good, good,
to washington, d.c. where severe spending cuts are officially the law of the land. new word this morning from president obama. he's putting the blame squarely on congressional republicans for not stopping the sequester from taking effect. >> here's the thing. none of this is necessary. it's happening because republicans in congress chose this outcome over closing a single wasteful tax loophole that helps reduce the deficit. just this week they decided that protecting special interest tax breaks for the well off and well connected is more important than protecting our military and middle class families from these cuts. >> but republicans aren't having any of it in their weekly address today throwing the blame right back at president and democrats. >> these devastating, across the board cuts, first proposed by the president, will affect the lives of so many hard-working americans. the president failed to act, and his senate never passed a bill to replace the sequester. >> well, here's where we stand. $85 billion in federal spending must be cut between now and october 1st. that includes a 9% hit
happened to the house? >> um, the bedroom floor just collapsed and my brother-in-law is in there. he's underneath the house. >> reporter: sinkholes are relatively common in florida due to the state's unique limestone bedrock. as rain water filters into the ground it can erode the rock and cause a collapse. investigators say this hole could have been building for years. neighbors wonder if their homes are in jeopardy. >> just rips my heart out that people that i've lived next door to for 21 years had to leave and just -- they have a lot of memories also. >> reporter: just a few moments ago the family of the victim gathered behind me to pay their respects. authorities were able to put microphones and a small camera near the entrance of the home. they found no signs of life, lester. >> heart breaking story. gabe gutierrez in florida tonight. thank you. >>> there is another concern for folks in florida this evening. two large brush fires prompted evacuation orders for people in 300 homes near orman beach in central florida on the atlantic coast. the fires cover a thousand acres and are b
meeting on wednesday. teachers must be notified about possible layoffs by march 15th. >>> a new state law banning public school fees is causing a lot of confusion. the law prohibits schools for charging fees for classroom items and activities. schools are prohibited for requiring students to bring certain materials to class. schools and teachers are trying to raise money for field trips and school supplies. they say they're not sure exactly what the law allows. supporters of the law say it was necessary because charging fees was putting a financial burden on low income families. >>> the finishing touches are being made this evening at a project turning the bay bridge in to a 1.8-mile long massive light show. it could mean big business to the cities. >> reporter: in the daylight you may not notice the changes to the bay bridge. but look closer. those tiny dots on the cables are l.e.d. lights. on tuesday night, the lights go on for a two-year light show. ben davis conceived of the idea. now after two and a half years and $6 million in private funds raised, the artist has made it a reality.
, usama bin laden's spokesman and son-in-law reportedly in custody now and in new york charged with plotting to kill americans on 9/11 and number one, after senator rand paul, 13 hour filibuster, the white house says the presidents did not have the authority to drone noncombatant united states citizen on american soil. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1897, doctor john kellogg served up the very first bowl of corn flakes at a health resort in battle creek, michigan. the doc was known for pushing a healthy lifestyle at the san sanitarium. his original batch of flakes had no sugar. but the doc's brother recognized the food's market value so he added some sweetness and brought the cereal to the store shelves. that led to a big fight and dr. kellogg sued his sibling for selling the flakes. doc lost. brother cashed. in his signature, even became the company's iconic logo but a breakfast staple first hit the table 116 years ago today. but without sugar. and now you know the news for this thursday, march the 7th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. back tomorrow for "st
authorization bill that gave them the opportunity to start more important programs. that was signed into law last december. unless you fund it, they are still hamstrung. if we do a cr for the rest of the year or an omnibus or some kind of funding mechanism that does not give them the appropriations and the authority to move funds from one area to another, it severely impacts them. one of the greatest concerns we have is readiness. i know that we have troops that are being trained to go to the war theater and they are not receiving the same training they did just a year ago because those funds had been cut. if we do not pass that appropriations bill they will be cut further. i was told by the secretary of the army that he is going to have to cut 40% out of his operating maintenance account. this cannot be allowed to happen. >> is it a problem for your efforts that there seems to be a mixed message within your own party, that many people are saying let the cuts go ahead. many of them are saying defense cuts -- we need them. i heard a lot of people saying things that are not in line with what
officers and law in the crossfire have been returned to their families. 10 members of the royal salute army, as they have called themselves, were killed on friday after a three-week standoff on land the fighters say belongs to them. it is time for cambodia's sugarcane fund, but it comes at grab endith the land illegal evictions. we have this report now where say there's a sugar boom. >> the sugar cane is being cut for feet, and it is the first stage in what has become a multi-billion dollar industry in cambodia. the villages call it blood sugar because the industry has been built on land they claim was stolen from them. like this piece of land. two years ago, it was home to more than 100 families surviving by subsistence farming. they live a few kilometers away, and the villages work for the plantation. >> it is very difficult to live here. every villager faces the same challenge. i am angry with the company, but it is useless. we cannot do anything. we have no choice but to depend on the company. >> the sugar industry benefits from a european union program called everything but arms, where
of the law in three ways. enforcement of the law at the border, enforcement of the law at the workplace to insure only people entitled to get a job are in fact hired and to insure people don't overstay their visas. if the administration is signaling it has no real commitment to enforcing the law, which this administration seems to be doing, then it will be very, very difficult for those people who are wary of the administration to make the other part of the bargain, namely to grant the citizenship for illegal status. that is why i think it is very problematic with respect to getting comprehensive immigration reform. maybe, i'm not going to say the white house doesn't want it because they appear to want it but if they really want it think need to be bending over backward to demonstrate to members of congress we will do everything they can to enforce the law. martha: what about the jeb bush issue, any thoughts on that he have about i let you go? >> just briefly. it seems to me was not saying a contradiction this what i'm saying before and what i'm saying now. it is all part of the grand b
to carry law. the defense law. >> stand your ground law. >> what is ask a that. >> supposed to be in april. they waived it defense attorney, lawyer for zimmerman just gave it up or said he thinks is he giving it up and not even going to do all this debate we had about the stand your ground law mr. it applies. >> straight self-defense. stand your ground immind trial. >> downside to get it thrown out first. >> the reason you would do it two bites at the apple. the downside is when you go down there the burden is on you as the defense when everybody knows criminal case for the jury. the burden is always on the prosecution yard. >> not in this case? >> stand your ground immunity trial the burden would have been. >> you think it was a smart move just to go to the regular trial? >> i guess so. can i see why is he doing it. >> bill: pennsylvania, 12-year-old kid, all right, dies after getting beaten up by this was in a school, right? >> yes. >> bill: what happened? >> altercation with two other 12-year-olds where one 12-year-old pushed him into a boy and boy who was on the receiving end of that t
: lawmakers in colorado are debating a string of tough new gun laws this weekend. gun control an emotional issue for that state after last summer's movie theater massacre in aurora and school shooting at columbine. this is shaping up to be a close one and it could have a big impact on gun laws all across the country. dominic is live in los angeles with more on this story. >> reporter: you bet. the question is how much consensus to adopt these measures or will they make the rules from scratch. despite the debate yesterday they have begun in earnest when the husband of a former congresswoman gabrielle giffords laid the issues of background checks. >> we can't give criminals and mentally ill and buying a gun without a background check. it doesn't make any sense. it's like having two lines at the airport. here is one where you have to go through security and here is the one with no security. which one is the terrorist going to choose? >> reporter: and here what got advance today a final scheduled vote on monday. universal background checks, searches between private individuals and sales online
's decision to end telecom muting. the move came after marissa meyer checked the virtual private network laws. they use that program to log in when they work from home. apparently it showed employees weren't logging in enough and that led to her announcement last week that it will end in june. they need a more collaborative company culture. >>> they took resident insist the peninsula for a little ride along. they took to facebook and twitter for a virtual ride along. they posted pictures and documented stories on the night while patrolling in san carlos. >> it is a push to react with the community and show them we are on the same team. >> the more they know about the neighborhood and the people in the neighborhood, it is for the better. >> these are some from the event. it lasted until midnight. more than two dozen firefighters will report for duty for the first time this morning, the new firefighters were hired after more than a year of station brownouts and layoffs and $8 million federal grant is paying for their salaries and benefits. they took a 10% salary cut to help the department make
as this week. law requires a 30 day notice. more effects of the sequester when i see you next. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> happening right now. president obama is nominating sylvia matthews birdwell as his new budget director. we're looking at the live pictures now. you see the podium and crowd gathered waiting for the announcement. burrwell served during the clinton administration and right now she runs the wal-mart foundation. this is burr wellhead. her supports say she was responsibility for a series of budget plans that throat surplus. also saithe o she -- she say she bring diversity to the cabinet. >>> it is 7:18. the chair of san francisco's republican party has been elected the first female vice chair of the states gop. party members cast their ballots over the weekend. at the state gop's spring convention in sacramento. it'll be to the muslim region. it accused her of sympathize. not a muslim. party leads have denounced remark. a big name california republican may be getting ready to run for governor. tells the chronical he is seriously considering running against now he
's home state of illinois. mike tobin is live in chicago. mike, what are they doing with the gun laws where they have had so much gun violence over the past couple years? >> reporter: you know, martha, what they're going after now is mandatory minimum sentencing. what is interesting the focus with this latest push is really on the illegal weapons. with gun violence part of almost every night in chicago, the mayor, police superintendent, district attorney, want to increase the penalty for illegal gun possession to 3 1/2 years. they also are pushing for truth in sentencing, to guaranty that a convict does not do just a fraction of his time. >> when you commit a serious gun offense you should serve the time. the victims deserve it, the public demands it, and the criminal justice system should deliver it. report or the now high-profile community activity father michael flager is in sync with city leaders and he says unabashedly that they are seizing on the emotion of little haditha pendleton the girl killed after performing at at president's inauguration and sandy hook elementary to furth
madoro said late today that he is going to be taking over venezuela according to the law there, and the military chiefs in venezuela went on tv to pledge their loyalty to him. the new u.s. secretary of state sat down with our margaret brennan today during a stop in the arabian gulf. john kerry said the u.s. will send food and medicine to the rebels in syria who are trying to overthrow the assad dictatorship. but brennan pressed kerry on whether america will send weapons. >> the president is now ratcheted up the kind of aid that he is giving and who he's giving it to. now directly to the syrian opposition and to the syrian military. >> but they say they have one tenth the amount of ammunition that they need. they need missiles. they need to be able to battle a professional military. why not help them to speed up the process? >> there are a lot of countries doing a lot of different things right now. and i will go back and report to the president and the president obviously always has additional options on the table. but right now he and i think we feel that this step hopefully wi
't kill americans in cafes. >> calm down, senator. mr. holder is right. even if he doesn't explain the law very well. >> the young guns versus the old guard in the u.s. senate. is this a vision of what's to come in 2014. and later -- >> very sad for the people that will not be able to see the inside of the gorgeous white house. >> a lot of people, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to go in the white house. >> today's the first day that they can't go to the white house. they say tours are a sequester casualty. we continue to watch developing news from south africa. that's where nelson mandela was admitted to a hospital in pretoria this afternoon. doctors say this is all for a scheduled medical check-up to manage some pre-existing conditions. they add at this point there's no reason for alarm. you'll remember the 94-year-old former south african president spent 18 days in the hospital back in december, but again, we are monitoring nelson mandela's hospital visit in south africa. we'll continue to keep you up-to-date on that. first, though, secretary of defense chuck hagel is in afghanist
in the nation. chicago would like to see stricter gun laws when it comes to illegal possession but with the state government deeply in debt, prisons bursting at the seems and a lack of support outside the windy city, paying to the new regulation may not be possible. mike tobin is live in chicago with more on this story. >> reporter: jenna, the latest push from chicago leaders is interesting because it deals strictly illegal weapons. what chicago leaders want is minimum mandatory sentence for illegal possession. those are the guns used on chicago's mean streets where violence is a part of almost every night. city leaders want 3 1/2 years for possession of an illegal gun. also truth in sentencing laws which would guaranty a convict won't get back on the street after doing just a fraction of his time. >> when you commit a serious gun offense you should serve the time. the victims deserve it, the public demands it, and the criminal justice system should deliver it. >> reporter: here is where it gets difficult. convicts stay in state prisons which are overcrowded. they're so overcro
and nurses on staff. that is the difference. police say they haven't found any laws broken just yet. >> at this point to date we have found no culpability. that is going to take time to sort out the details. there are facts we need to look through. >> authorities say they are reviewing their c.p.r. policy. the victim's daughter who is also a nurse, by the way, says she is satisfied with how that nurse acted. the 911 dispatcher on that call, the woman who tried so heroically to get that nurse to do something, she is not being investigated. >>brian: what is the rule? if it says do not resuscitate, does that include c.p.r.? >> do not resuscitate is one thing. if someone is in a coma and there is a d.n.r. on them, that is different than someone collapsing in a nursing facility. >>gretchen: is this what we've come to where people cannot be good samaritans anymore for fear they might be sued if the end of the outcome is not positive? what got me is that 911 dispatcher saying are you human? do you have a human feeling there? and isn't there someone there, a grounds person, someone you can
in our next hour. well, tracking a developing story in new york city where osama bin laden's son-in-law pled not guilty in a courtroom steps away from ground zero, he's more than just a relative of bin laden, a top al-qaeda spokesman, now being charged with conspiracy to kill americans. his prosecution in federal court sparking controversy with many asking if such prominent terror suspects belong in the civil judicial system? david lee miller is live outside the courthouse, hi, david lee. >> reporter: the hearing was procedural and symbolic. and here was the son-in-law of bin laden in the federal courtroom, he entered surrounded by security, about ten security officers in the room itself. he wore a beard, he to a great extent resembled the videos that we've seen of him through the years. we learned a little bit more about his arrest. he was taken into custody on february 28th somewhere overseas, presumably in jordan shortly before midnight and he arrived in the united states, we're told, on march 1st at about 12:30 p.m. that's exactly one week ago today. and he was detained and is bein
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executive pay. the law would allow shareholders to vote on compensation for executives. they would have to pass bonuses and large payouts. executives could be fined and would face jail if they broke the rules. many say they support any effort to stop rewarding executives for poor performance. >> i voted yes to the initiative. i think it is important to have a frame to control what happens and to wake up our politicians, realize that the company must be the shareholders and the decision should be theirs. >> i think we could have gone farther here dime in favor of the socialist proposal, offering a different option for the lowest and highest salary. this proposal is the minimum we can do. >> i think it's a form of blackmail to say if top managers are not better paid, they will go elsewhere. i think we need international agreement to stop that. >> malaysia and are confronting philippine fighters -- malaysian soldiers are confronting philippine fighters. are investigating whether an attack was linked to filipino fighters. traveled0 filipinos to the region to claim land they say is ancestral
showdown. the president signed sequester in law and laying the blame at the feet of the republicans in congress. fox news correspondant mark emmanuel has more. >> hi, uma, after the robbery republicans said they would not increase tax revenue. president obama signed an order putting it in affect. today the president blasted the gompt >> it is it happening because republicans in congress chose this outcome over closing a wasteful tax loop hole. they decide to protect? interest tax breaks for the well off and well connected is more important than military and middle class. >> speaker boehner and nancy peel peel've -pelosi and there would be no last minute back room dealings. no one likes the reductions done, republicans accept happened them as a way to reduce sphending. a rising star blame happened president obama and allies in the senate for failing to act. >> we urge president obama and the stiant democrats to put country ahead of party and pass a responsible plan to replace the sequester. instead of campaigning for higher taxes, the president should our nation's sphending problem.
that you know there were 240 discrimenatory voting laws blocked by title 5. my father used to remind us that if you did something against the people for hundreds of years then you have to do something for them as well. we are not there yet. there is still a lot of racial hostility and animosity in our nation. and we need to get to a place where we can have political and social discourses not as hostile and racial. that is why we have the king center to teach people how to resolve conflicts so we don't go back to such a horrible period of time. >> yesterday kevin murphy app l apologized of the abuses. and passed his badge to congressman john lewis. what do gestures like this do for wounds of the past? >> you know, interestingly enough at the beginning of this year i called this a year of healing and reconciliation. i am so glad and also commend the police chief in montgomery for extending that apology to john lewis because i think it is healing. i think it appeals to other people who may be out there and have been afraid. hopefully it will bring them forward. it helps to begin to forge
and the healthcare law has taken effect and some of the liberties you talked about or seem to be compromised, i could well understand why i wouldn't go down well with him. right? >> i would hope we would reach a level of maturity where if suggestions are offered for dealing with problems, and they're logical suggestions, with which a huge segment of the population agrees, that one might actually take time and say, let's consider this. let's look at this. let's see if we can integrity this into our policies. the ideal being to lead all the people north just a segment. >> doctor, while i have you here, in an interview with chris wallace, mitt romney, the former republican presidential candidate, said regarding healthcare he didn't grasp or appreciate the dimensions to which average americans -- i think by inference he was saying lower income americans -- were for and it embraced and it endorsed and it really strongly liked it, and that he just didn't sense the magnitude of that support. so, in your position, what do you think of what he was saying and what he is admitting to now that this healthcare la
is the gun control fight in illinois? last week a republican lawmaker compared a proposed law to castration. correspondent mike tobin says much of the disagreement boils down to a divide between chicago and the rest of the state. >> on chicago's mean streets, neighborhoods like lawndale and inglewood, gun violence is part of nearly every night. kids are caught in the crossfire. city leaders seized on the emotion of tragedies like the sandy hook elementary school massacre to push for stiffer fun penalties. >> this is an opportunity to push an agenda? >> and connect nationally. this is an american child. >> shots fired. >> chicago leaders are calling for a 3-1/2-year mandatory minimum sentence for illegal gun possession guarantees that convicts won't be released after serving a fraction of the time. >> increasing penalties, and requiring criminals to serve their punishment. we not only protect our children, our families and our communities. but we also prevent retaliatory killings that plague our neighborhoods. >> different sentences will mean more people in illinois prisons. but they are bur
democrats of for. finance campaign laws. >> focusing on reducing money in politics not putting gasoline on the fire. >> with his traditional allies outraged they hope on to spur an investigation. >> the idea that the white house is going to have this group, which is so clearly tied in with the presidential staff and not violated the various federal rules against lobbying the congress is problematic. >> roves' super pac after president bush left office accuses the president of getting big money out of politics. >> i don't want somebody else pulling my strings. we have to change how business is done in washington. >> pressure is mounting but no sign that white house is going to reverse course and most shameless sale of access since the clintons were accused of renting the white house to their al and we'll head live to caracas after a quick break. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities. it's not what you think. it's a phoenix with 4 wheels. it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of
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